Shout Outs

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals

Featured Vendor  

Lakewood Rentals  

They have given us all the equipment we've needed, from backhoes to rollers for the vinyl flooring

(303) 238-0483
2520 Kipling St, Lakewood, CO 80215



Special thanks to the following people and business for their help, support and generosity:

Building Possibilities   A 650 square foot addition to the Watchman home

How To Donate

  • Please send donations to
    Andre Lang Trust
    Vectra Bank
    7391 W. 38th Ave.
    Wheat Ridge, CO  80033


  • We need Sears gift cards to offset the cost of the appliances for the new kitchen
    Please send gift cards to Cindy Main  2498 Hoyt St. Lakewood, CO  80215 or drop them by the jobsite on Saturdays  2109 Hoyt St., Lakewood, CO

  • Or hit the Donate button on the Home page
  • Or click here to donate to the Home Builders Foundation.


Individuals and companies that have donated labor and materials

               For all your support in procuring material donations


 Ornamental Gate for Basement Steps

           Thanks John,    Skinny does ornamental iron and roll cages.
                                                                                                     Check em out  720-854-9838



Interior Trim

                   Austin Hardwoods, Thanks Chris for your generosity     303-733-1292



Bathroom Tile


    Thanks also to Ivan at Apex Tile and Terazzo for installing all the tile in Andre's new Mega bathroom   303-582-5237




       Thanks for supplying the drywall.


     Acoustical Services   Thanks for hanging/tape/mud and texturing the drywall



      Thanks for the siding. Thanks for the delivery ProBuild




Roofing Materials   

Academy Roofing  Residential and Commercial roofing and gutters  303-360-0708



         303-289-4151  Thank you so much for your generous donation

                   Thank you for finding us our insulation donor.   Thanks Ron Piz!



Planning, Excavation and Foundation

              For the foundation materials and labor  You guys are the BEST!


  • Timothy Main Company
    Home Remodeling
  • Aaron Kienitz
  • Adam Kienitz
  • John Kiely for doing oh so much, you're a great friend
  • Scott Backlud and his wonderful BobCat, what would Hoyt St. do without you?
  • Cindy Main  For coordination and design work
  • The Hoyt Street Neighborhood
  • Benson Roll Off   Thanks for the dumpsters
  • Lakewood Rentals  Thanks for the backhoe
  • Pipewise, Inc.  Thanks Marty Ward for the equipment and excavation expertise and repairing the sewer line
  • L&M Underground Inc.,  Thanks for the dump truck
  • Bob the Plumber who showed up on his bicycle.
  • Jack White PE,  Thanks for the blueprints and engineering
  • Sunrise Environmental,  Thanks the awesome turn around on the asbestos inspection
  • City of Lakewood Building Department, Thanks for your help on permitting.


Dust Bunnies Housekeeping of Lakewood for donating housekeeping during construction



        Intermountain Distributing Company IMD  Lakewood, CO    Thanks for all the electrical Supplies




Sharp Mechanical Solutions   Thanks for the HVAC system  303.227.1569



         For Donating all our Painting Supplies


       A+Doors,"The Highest Grade"  Commercial/Residential   Call Mark 303-429-6661

           Exterior Doors


Interior Painting

         Thanks Kathi Vento for orgnizing and painting



            Thanks for the Dumpsters   


Misc. Supplies




                For Donating the Framing Lumber


         For handling and delivering the lumber pack from Weyerhaeuser


               Lafayette Colorado        For the trusses



               For donating the windows, Thanks Donovan for asking and putting this together for us.



             Thanks for the steel beam for the floor system and the brick lintel




Chuck Murphy and Joe Amon of the Denver Post   Thanks for the great article 


           If I've forgotten someone please email me at


Food donations to the family/crew:

  • Rosemarie - For keeping the workers fed We Love You!
  • Saffron Grill
  • To all the friends and neighbors that stepped in immediately to keep the family fed.
  • Melanie Edmund for coordinating the continuing food efforts for the family
  • Teller's Taproom/Kitchen, Applewood
  • The Hoyt Street Neighbors, The Kienitz Family, The Croft Family
  • Lori & Matthew Bailey
  • Maria Elena's Restaurant, 10th & Wadsworth
  • Jason's Deli, 2nd & Union (Thank you, Grandma Rita, for making this happen)
  • Pizza Hut, Alameda and 1st
  • Good Times, W. Colfax Ave
  • Senor Burritos, Kipling & 25th
  • KT's Real Good BBQ
  • Melissa Gonring for the sloppy joes, they were great
  • Scott and his smoker, thanks for bringing the smoker to the jobsite.
  • Nancy H for supplying the Brats
  • Scott Backlund thanks for the great smoked dogs and Brats on Saturday


Special Thanks to These Individuals and Organizations:

  • Wheat Ridge Police Department
  • St. Anthony Hospital
  • Craig Hospital
  • staff of the school formerly known as Wheat Ridge Middle School
  • staff of Moore Middle School
  • DLEA Department of Jeffco Public Schools
  • staff of Lakewood High School
  • Duane Austin of Ernie's Auto tune up
  • Anonymous donor for tune up
  • Enid & Dick Lang
  • Rebecca and David
  • Tammy and Ron Piz
  • Blue Sky Plumbing thank you for your generous donation
  • Annie & David Phillips
  • Anne Polhamus
  • Staff of Slater Elementary
  • Laurel Burgett
  • The cooking club at Wheat Ridge Middle School
  • Katherine Flecksing
  • Janice Fischer
  • Tamsen Holm and family
  • Beth & Gary Ehrhardt
  • Bubbling Brook Massage Therapy LLC.
  • Bob Tank, Ageless Arts Oriental Medicine
  • Diane Johnson
  • Allen Laychak
  • Kathleen Laychak
  • Paul McKee & Michelle Hatton
  • Beth Topliff
  • Kathleen Barnes
  • Barbara Wilkins
  • Karen Sakai
  • John Haley
  • Angela Haley
  • Lydia Bell
  • Thomas & Jean Sobon
  • Frank & Kim Klinkovsky
  • Valerio Ferme
  • Kelli Marko
  • Paul & Jennifer Adams
  • Gail Towne
  • Jay & Theresa Yoder
  • Brady
  • Sharon Belew
  • Ellen & Esteban Bober and their local potter friends
  • Michelle Landes
  • Kim Scaturro
  • Snowy River Photography (
  • Members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society - Denver branch
  • Andre's good friends, who continue to bolster him with visits & moral support! (Jerry Sanchez, Alamea Erickson, Glenn Kabotie, Zach, Cam Holder, Clarisse, Reno, Paul, Alex, Tiffany Dunmire, Sidney Kabotie)
  • Constance North
  • Margaret Ness
  • The Kabotie family
  • Karen Alexander
  • William Christian
  • Greg Staffelbach
  • Nancy Main
  • Paul Rowland
  • Andrew McNally
  • Lisa Guthery
  • Charlene McNally
  • T Deal
  • Tim & Lisa Main
  • Cindy Main
  • Zander Main
  • Nancy, Dave and Steve Hinrichs
  • Tracey & Dido Ivey
  • Scott and Becky Backlund
  • Amy and Jim Croft
  • Lawrence and Ann
  • Jean Douglas
  • Jeanette Sanchez
  • Susan Wilcox
  • Ian Besser
  • Joey Villano
  • Will Polland
  • Luca Russu
  • Nancy and Dennis Morgan
  • Saffron Mediterranean Grill (898 Kipling St)
  • Marne
  • James Kayser
  • Myra Bronstein
  • Rhonda and Curt Rogers
  • Bruce and Paula Long
  • Steve Vannoy and Barbara Lynn
  • Wendy, Michael and Jude Kanemoto
  • Barbara and Bill Easter
  • Bonnie McMillan
  • Gail Town
  • Dawna Hunter
  • Brenda Fosmire
  • Joanne Aldridge
  • Cindy Mefford  Your donation was extremely generous, Thank you  Thank you!